Postage and Packing

At Geocaching Goodies we try to offer the cheapest P&P there is but always we would need to put some on to cover the costs.Our website is international however the more further you are away from the UK the more it will cost.Also another thing is that our P&P prices are a variety because all our items are different in weight and size.So whatever you buy from logbooks to rocks the prices will change and are NEVER fixed.

Our P&P prices as follows:

UK AND IRELAND: <100g £1.00          >100g £2.50

EUROPE: <100g £1.50           >100g £3.00

US AND CANADA: <100g £2.50            >100g £3.50

NEW ZEALAND AND AUSTRIA: <100g £3.50          >100g £4.50

WORLDWIDE: <100g £5.00           >100g £7.50

Delivery will be between 2-3 days most of the time unless due to peak times.