MultiMarx Tags

Everyone loves a good multi once in a while however maintenance of these caches can be generally very hard.The most common mistake geocachers make when putting out multis is writing the coordinates on some piece of card and then finding out a month later that the coordinates have got soggy and have to be replaced.Even when laminated it could still get soggy and unreadable.However with these new Multimarx tags you can relax whilst your fellow geocachers find your devious multi.The tag is fully weather resistant when you write with a permanent marker or a pin to etch it in.They are only 7cm long so they are small and can be almost placed anywhere due to the camouflaged tag and with a punched hole through you can almost place it anywhere.And if a muggle finds it?Don’t worry the classic geocaching symbol and the official game-piece text can tell the muggle to leave it.So why not invest in a product which can solve all your multi cache needs at a affordable price!

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