What is Geocaching?


Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played by adventure seekers all around the world equipped with GPS devices.The basic idea is to find hidden containers around the world and log them on geocaching.com.People who do this are called geocachers and the containers are called geocaches or caches.They firstly go on geocaching.com to find coordinates to whichever cache they want to go to and then they head outside with their gps’s to find a hidden container.Geocaches can be very cleverly hidden and can be anything any size.Once they find the container they sign the logbook inside it and if there is any space or trinkets they can place small items in the box but if they take something out of the box they must leave something with equal or greater value.Geocaching is a great way to go outdoors and find new locations which you would never know about.Here is a small video to tell you more about geocaching…

what is geocaching

Geocaching Goodies however is a new friendly website which lets you buy goods about geocaching.For example you can buy containers to make your very own geocache and also other equipment to help you find it or to use at anytime when doing geocaching.So geocaching goodies isa shop where you can buy almost any geocaching product there is in the market

Happy Geocaching!!